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The appliance store that everyone is looking for is in Tavagnacco!

Passion for household appliances

Appliances by Electrolux, AEG, Miele, LIEBHERR, Smeg, Whirlpool, which one is the best?

This is the dilemma for those who want to buy a washing machine, a fridge or a dishwasher;
there is no unique answer to this question.

Appliances are usually chosen according to the price, because this is what big chains suggest you do through their ads

A fridge, a washing machine or a dishwasher is a “life companion”, you are going to deal with it every day, even many times a day, and it’s going tostay in your house for years.
Your household appliance will consume electricity and water or gas every day to fulfil its function.
It will work for you every day and wear out to give youthe performance you demand.

Choosing an appliancebased solely on price is the biggest mistake you can make. In the long run, you will waste what you thought you had saved.

It will cost you more in consumption, small or large repairs or collateral damage.

Moreover, choosing among the many appliances and comparing products is quite a hard task. One might really get lost in the jungle of codes and often unknown features!

So here’s what everybody usually does:

making a research online, reading other people’s opinions and reviews…and ending up clueless as ever, again.

trying to go to a big mall and choosing a washing machine,
asking a shop assistant for an opinion or even asking for the difference between one washing machine and the other…

In the best scenario, the shop assistant will read the label on the appliance, repeat it word for word and try to escape.

And you’ll still be there, lost in doubt!

Then, you’ll just buy the appliance…
…but you won’t really feel 100% sure about your purchase.

So here’s why A-Export Household Appliances was born.

The shop is growing day by day and new customers arrive through word-of mouth recommendations.

Our customerschoose us every day and they’re so enthusiastic, they’ll tell their friends and relatives to come over as well.
What’s better than having satisfied customers?

Are you wondering why?

It’s easily explained: in our appliances store in Tavagnacco you won’t be just a number, but “our customer”. We will strive to help you choose the appliance that best suits your needs.

Isabella and Stefano will welcome youwithfriendliness and professionalism, will listen to youand show you the right appliance model, fulfilling your needs.

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